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We’re not your average appliance repair service, we are the go-to mobile service throughout Duval County. Appliance Repair Jacksonville FL set the bar so high other repair companies don’t come close.

and what we Offer…

All Home Appliances

We offer same day service anywhere in the Jacksonville, Florida area. Call us for all appliance repairs including dishwasher, washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven, stove top, garbage disposal and everything in between.

All Makes and Models

It doesn’t matter, our Jacksonville appliance repair mobile techs have the ability to service all makes and models including Amana, Bosch, GE, Frigidaire, Generic, Haier, IFB, Intex, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Lloyd, Maytag, Onida, Panasonic, Roper, Samsung, Siemens, Speed Trend, Queen, Whirlpool, and More.

We have 20 years of experience of repairing household appliances of all makes and models in the Jacksonville area. Call us for a free quote from one of our skilled technicians today and schedule your service call.


Jacksonville Appliance Repair

We come to you, so you have nothing to worry about. Call us today for same day service as we have professional mobile technicians standing by.

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Our reputation speaks for itself and over the years our customers have had no problem saying what they feel. We may sound cocky but we’re not, we’re just confident in what we do and how we do it.

About us

At Appliance Repair Jacksonville, FL, we truly understand that having problems with an appliance is more like a mini-emergency. Therefore, when you call, we’re available, and not just physically, but our level of customer service makes for a stress-free, worry-free experience. We have the knowledge and our dedicated team of repair technicians believes in what we do and creates an experience that promotes why we do it.

We believe in our customer’s first which includes understanding what the problem and providing a Jacksonville appliance repair service throughout the Duval County area. With years of experience, we’ve learned a thing or two which allows us to repair all household appliances including dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, washers, dryers and everything in between.

It all starts with a phone call to one of our repair technicians standing by. After a few simple questions we’ll give you a no-obligation quote before coming out and starting the job. Our reputation has become our business which has helped us become the #1 locally owned and operated mobile Jacksonville appliance repair business.

We may sound cocky, but we’re not. We believe in what we do, and our customers frequently tell us they love how we do it. We come to you when it’s convenient and we understand that when an appliance stops working it becomes not only your mini-emergency, but ours too.

We provide quick, transparent and thorough appliance repair in Jacksonville, FL so you can rest assured you’re not just calling another mobile appliance repair business. Some of the areas in and around Duval County we service include:

  • Appliance Repair Atlantic Beach, FL
  • Appliance Repair Baldwin, FL
  • Appliance Repair Fernandina Beach, FL
  • Appliance Repair Folkston, GA
  • Appliance Repair Fruit Cove, FL
  • Appliance Repair Gainesville, FL
  • Appliance Repair Green Cove Springs, FL
  • Appliance Repair Hastings, FL
  • Appliance Repair Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Appliance Repair Kingsland, GA
  • Appliance Repair Lake Butler, FL
  • Appliance Repair Lake City, FL
  • Appliance Repair Lakeside, FL
  • Appliance Repair Live Oak, FL
  • Appliance Repair Macclenny, FL
  • Appliance Repair Middleburg, FL
  • Appliance Repair Nassau Village-Ratliff, FL
  • Appliance Repair Palatka, FL
  • Appliance Repair Palm Coast, FL
  • Appliance Repair Palm Valley, FL
  • Appliance Repair Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • Appliance Repair Raiford, FL
  • Appliance Repair Saint George, FL
  • Appliance Repair Sanderson, FL
  • Appliance Repair Starke, FL
  • Appliance Repair St. Augustine, FL
  • Appliance Repair St Augustine Shores, FL
  • Appliance Repair Waldo, FL
  • Appliance Repair Worthington Springs, FL
  • Appliance Repair Yulee, FL

Appliance Repair Jacksonville, FL has the Cheapest Rates and Quickest Response Times

When you call, we show up. We have a large team of appliance repair technicians throughout the Jacksonville area which allows us to respond faster and offer cheaper rates than the competition. If you don’t believe me, just give us a call and find out.

Some of the many appliance repair services we offer in Jacksonville and surrounding area includes:

  • Dishwasher repair
  • Microwave repair
  • Washer repair
  • Dryer repair
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Refrigerator repair
  • Stove repair
  • Oven repair
  • Other home appliance repairs

Call Appliance Repair Jacksonville, FL for All Your Repair Needs Today

We strive for quick service and do our best to come out same day. While not always possible, we have a large enough repair team where it’s always realistic. Of course, there are many factors to consider including location, time of day, complexity of the job and parts that may need to be ordered, but rest assured we do our best to make it same-day service.

We provide appliance repair service on all common home appliances and a few unconventional appliances that other mobile repair shops may not work on. Our team of professionals have been in the business for years now and you’ll be surprised on what we get called on to fix. While it may surprise you, nothing ever surprises us which is why you can call us for any mini-emergency and let’s talk about it.

Servicing All Makes and Models

We pride ourselves on being able to service most makes and models of appliances. We’re confident we can fix any home appliance of all the major brands and are more than capable to take on all the lesser knowns.

Some of the many brands of Jacksonville appliance repair services we service include: Amana, Bosch, GE, Frigidaire, Generic, Haier, IFB, Intex, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Lloyd, Maytag, Onida, Panasonic, Roper, Samsung, Siemens, Speed Trend, Queen, Whirlpool and many more. If you have a question, just give us a call or our a nearby Tallahassee appliance repair company.

Dishwasher Repair Jacksonville, FL

Dishwasher are one of the appliances we get the most service calls on. We can service all makes and models of dishwashers and all different types including:

  • Compact dishwashers
  • Free standing dishwashers
  • Hidden fully integrated dishwashers
  • Slimline dishwashers
  • Portable dishwashers
  • Countertop dishwashers

In most cases, we have the parts we need to take on the job the first time. If we have the parts in stock, this means you mini-emergency gets fixed right-away unlike days to weeks later like other dishwasher repair Jacksonville, FL services.

Dryer Repair Jacksonville, FL

Something that may sound simple may not always be simple. For us though, we love keeping it simple as the complexities of repairing a dryer is more like second nature to us. We understand that a broken dryer is enough to ruin the entire day which is why we take every job serious. Our mobile dryer repair Jacksonville, FL technicians can diagnose and fix all problems faster than you think.

If you have a dryer that’s not working, making weird noises, producing too much heat or no heat at all, or not tumbling, get in touch. We’ve all been in your shoes, and we understand, it’s no place we want you to be.

Garbage Disposal Repair Jacksonville, FL

Most don’t think of a non-functioning garbage disposal as being a mini-emergency, until it happens to you. When a garbage disposal stops working, it causes more of a problem then chopping up your garbage food that went into the sink but can cause bigger problems like causing the drain water to backup.

While a garbage disposal typically gives you a worry-free experience for 7-10 years, there’s really no warning before it stops working. Some of the most common things to look for letting you know something is wrong include:

  • Hums, but does not grind
  • Makes no sound at all

Either way, there’s usually one of two things that need to be done which is best handled by a professional. It’s most likely the motor of the garbage disposal has burned out or it’s jammed and needs to be cleaned out. Taking the DIY approach garbage disposal, yourself can lead to injury or unnecessary damage to surrounding pipes causing you bigger problems if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Microwave Repair Jacksonville, FL

Our microwave repair Jacksonville, FL service is as good as it gets. We’re confident in not only what we do, but how we do it. We service all types of microwaves which only a few appliance repair companies in Florida can say that including:

  • Countertop
  • Over the range
  • Microwave convection oven combo
  • Microwave with grill function
  • Under-counter
  • Under-cabinet (suspended)
  • Built-in (above the counter)

Replacing your microwave outright is costly, especially if it’s built into the counter or above the stove and repairing it may be the better option. Microwaves were built to last for years, but if it’s not heating your food properly, turn-table is not rotating, or if some of the functions are not working properly, we can help.

Oven Repair Jacksonville, FL

Ovens are one of the toughest appliances to repair because they have so many dependent parts. Many times, what you think is the problem may have nothing to do with the real problem which causes many customers to replace the oven all-together. This is where we come in and calling us may save you a whole lot of frustration and save you a boat-load of money.

Some of the most common problems we see with ovens are:

  • Not heating at all
  • Cooking unevenly
  • Not heating to the set temperature
  • Won’t turn on

Besides being one of the toughest appliances to diagnose, ovens are some of the costliest to replace. In many instances, the cost to repair is much cheaper and will give you many more years of regular use. Not to mention, finding an exact replacement to match the rest of the décor and design of the rest of your kitchen appliances may be impossible.

Refrigerator Repair Jacksonville, FL

​Refrigerators are another complex home appliance that unfortunately, has many moving parts that can break. Same holds true, cost of replacing vs the cost of repairing and the latter is always the best option. Our Jacksonville refrigerator repair service comes out to you when it’s convenient and fixes the problem much faster while leaving you with the assurance it’s really fixed.

This is another thing that separates us apart from other Jacksonville appliance repair businesses. We stand behind our work 100% because we have the confidence in fixing your emergency to where it no longer becomes an emergency. Fixing refrigerators is something we were meant to do, which is something all our technicians are proud of.

Stove Repair Jacksonville, FL

To diagnose a stove when it stops working, there are many things to consider like the broil element, baking elements, surface burner element, internal fuses, temperature sensor, infinite switch, electronic control unit and the list goes on and on. Our stove repair technicians have the ability and knowledge to diagnose and repair any type of stove, range or oven letting you worry less and let the pros do what we do best.

Some of the common fixes with stoves are not so common and each make, and model calls for different requirements. We fix all appliances according to the manufacturer’s recommendations which assures you’re getting paid for, but most important, it’s safe to operate when fixed.

Washer Repair Jacksonville, FL

When it comes to our washer repair service, there is no one who compares. We provide our appliance repair in Jacksonville service throughout Duval County, Florida and into neighboring areas of Georgia. No job is too big when you have the experience we have, and we won’t leave you wondering if the repair job will hold-up like those other guys.

Call us if immediately your washer is doing any of the following:

  • Won’t turn on
  • Leaking water
  • Doesn’t spin at all or spins inconsistent
  • Does not dispense detergent
  • Shaking and moving erratically
  • Makes more noise than usual
  • Has a foul odor
  • Doesn’t finish a cycle
  • Not draining water

Cities in and Around Duval County We Service

The following is a list of cities around Duval County (but not limited to) we provide our appliance repair Jacksonville, FL services in:

Atlantic Beach, FL; Baldwin, FL; Fernandina Beach, FL; Folkston, GA; Fruit Cove, FL; Gainesville, FL; Green Cove Springs, FL; Hastings, FL; Jacksonville Beach, FL; Kingsland, GA; Lake Butler, FL; Lake City, FL; Lakeside, FL; Live Oak, FL; Macclenny, FL; Middleburg, FL; Nassau Village-Ratliff, FL; Palatka, FL; Palm Coast, FL; Palm Valley, FL; Ponte Vedra Beach, FL; Raiford, FL; Saint George, FL; Sanderson, FL; Starke, FL; St. Augustine, FL; St Augustine Shores, FL; Waldo, FL; Worthington Springs, FL; Yulee, FL

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